Pants (fuckfarm) wrote,

more praise for life

yesterday i moved into my new diggs. at last! and to sum it all up in short, it's absolutely lovely. still sinking in, but the space and environment are both so welcoming, comforting, and overall - this place feels like a home. our home. my new roommate is awesome. i need to work on my communication skills and not grow careless here. i have been learning my lessons, you know.

so life is great. i'm really looking forward to tuesday and working. today was lovely, putting my room together and hanging with riccardo and the badmath crew atop the roof watching the air show. i should really befriend cute lawyers more often. seriously.

my mission from here on is clear. make work my life, keep the home problem free and hobs plus happy, enjoy time with friends, get a new computer and work on my skills, and get hot and use my time wisely.

need a haircut, shopping, and waste less money.

life has a way of moving along faster than you can process.
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